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aesndlib.h File Reference
#include <gctypes.h>
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#define MAX_VOICES   32
#define SND_BUFFERSIZE   384
#define VOICE_MONO8   0x00000000
#define VOICE_STEREO8   0x00000001
#define VOICE_MONO16   0x00000002
#define VOICE_STEREO16   0x00000003
#define VOICE_FREQ32KHZ   32000
#define VOICE_FREQ48KHZ   48000


typedef struct aesndpb_t AESNDPB
typedef void(* AESNDVoiceCallback) (AESNDPB *pb, u32 state)
typedef void(* AESNDAudioCallback) (void *audio_buffer, u32 len)


void AESND_Init ()
void AESND_Reset ()
void AESND_Pause (bool pause)
u32 AESND_GetDSPProcessTime ()
f32 AESND_GetDSPProcessUsage ()
AESNDAudioCallback AESND_RegisterAudioCallback (AESNDAudioCallback cb)
AESNDPBAESND_AllocateVoice (AESNDVoiceCallback cb)
void AESND_FreeVoice (AESNDPB *pb)
void AESND_SetVoiceStop (AESNDPB *pb, bool stop)
void AESND_SetVoiceMute (AESNDPB *pb, bool mute)
void AESND_SetVoiceLoop (AESNDPB *pb, bool loop)
void AESND_SetVoiceFormat (AESNDPB *pb, u32 format)
void AESND_SetVoiceStream (AESNDPB *pb, bool stream)
void AESND_SetVoiceFrequency (AESNDPB *pb, u32 freq)
void AESND_SetVoiceVolume (AESNDPB *pb, u16 volume_l, u16 volume_r)
void AESND_SetVoiceBuffer (AESNDPB *pb, const void *buffer, u32 len)
void AESND_PlayVoice (AESNDPB *pb, u32 format, const void *buffer, u32 len, u32 freq, u32 delay, bool looped)
AESNDVoiceCallback AESND_RegisterVoiceCallback (AESNDPB *pb, AESNDVoiceCallback cb)

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#define MAX_VOICES   32


#define SND_BUFFERSIZE   384


#define VOICE_FREQ32KHZ   32000


#define VOICE_FREQ48KHZ   48000


#define VOICE_MONO16   0x00000002


#define VOICE_MONO8   0x00000000








#define VOICE_STEREO16   0x00000003


#define VOICE_STEREO8   0x00000001

Typedef Documentation

◆ AESNDAudioCallback

typedef void(* AESNDAudioCallback) (void *audio_buffer, u32 len)


typedef struct aesndpb_t AESNDPB

◆ AESNDVoiceCallback

typedef void(* AESNDVoiceCallback) (AESNDPB *pb, u32 state)

Function Documentation

◆ AESND_AllocateVoice()

AESNDPB* AESND_AllocateVoice ( AESNDVoiceCallback  cb)

◆ AESND_FreeVoice()

void AESND_FreeVoice ( AESNDPB pb)

◆ AESND_GetDSPProcessTime()

u32 AESND_GetDSPProcessTime ( )

◆ AESND_GetDSPProcessUsage()

f32 AESND_GetDSPProcessUsage ( )

◆ AESND_Init()

void AESND_Init ( )

◆ AESND_Pause()

void AESND_Pause ( bool  pause)

◆ AESND_PlayVoice()

void AESND_PlayVoice ( AESNDPB pb,
u32  format,
const void buffer,
u32  len,
u32  freq,
u32  delay,
bool  looped 

◆ AESND_RegisterAudioCallback()

AESNDAudioCallback AESND_RegisterAudioCallback ( AESNDAudioCallback  cb)

◆ AESND_RegisterVoiceCallback()

AESNDVoiceCallback AESND_RegisterVoiceCallback ( AESNDPB pb,
AESNDVoiceCallback  cb 

◆ AESND_Reset()

void AESND_Reset ( )

◆ AESND_SetVoiceBuffer()

void AESND_SetVoiceBuffer ( AESNDPB pb,
const void buffer,
u32  len 

◆ AESND_SetVoiceFormat()

void AESND_SetVoiceFormat ( AESNDPB pb,
u32  format 

◆ AESND_SetVoiceFrequency()

void AESND_SetVoiceFrequency ( AESNDPB pb,
u32  freq 

◆ AESND_SetVoiceLoop()

void AESND_SetVoiceLoop ( AESNDPB pb,
bool  loop 

◆ AESND_SetVoiceMute()

void AESND_SetVoiceMute ( AESNDPB pb,
bool  mute 

◆ AESND_SetVoiceStop()

void AESND_SetVoiceStop ( AESNDPB pb,
bool  stop 

◆ AESND_SetVoiceStream()

void AESND_SetVoiceStream ( AESNDPB pb,
bool  stream 

◆ AESND_SetVoiceVolume()

void AESND_SetVoiceVolume ( AESNDPB pb,
u16  volume_l,
u16  volume_r