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mem.h File Reference
#include <wiiu/types.h>
#include "resource.h"
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typedef void *(* GX2RAllocFunction) (GX2RResourceFlags, uint32_t, uint32_t)
typedef void(* GX2RFreeFunction) (GX2RResourceFlags, void *)


void GX2RInvalidateMemory (GX2RResourceFlags flags, void *buffer, uint32_t size)
BOOL GX2RIsUserMemory (GX2RResourceFlags flags)
void GX2RSetAllocator (GX2RAllocFunction allocFn, GX2RFreeFunction freeFn)

Typedef Documentation

◆ GX2RAllocFunction

typedef void*(* GX2RAllocFunction) (GX2RResourceFlags, uint32_t, uint32_t)

◆ GX2RFreeFunction

typedef void(* GX2RFreeFunction) (GX2RResourceFlags, void *)

Function Documentation

◆ GX2RInvalidateMemory()

void GX2RInvalidateMemory ( GX2RResourceFlags  flags,
void buffer,
uint32_t  size 

◆ GX2RIsUserMemory()

BOOL GX2RIsUserMemory ( GX2RResourceFlags  flags)

◆ GX2RSetAllocator()

void GX2RSetAllocator ( GX2RAllocFunction  allocFn,
GX2RFreeFunction  freeFn