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1 #ifndef __UIP_PBUF_H__
2 #define __UIP_PBUF_H__
4 #include "uip.h"
6 /* Definitions for the pbuf flag field. These are NOT the flags that
7  * are passed to pbuf_alloc(). */
8 #define UIP_PBUF_FLAG_RAM 0x00U /* Flags that pbuf data is stored in RAM */
9 #define UIP_PBUF_FLAG_ROM 0x01U /* Flags that pbuf data is stored in ROM */
10 #define UIP_PBUF_FLAG_POOL 0x02U /* Flags that the pbuf comes from the pbuf pool */
11 #define UIP_PBUF_FLAG_REF 0x04U /* Flags thet the pbuf payload refers to RAM */
13 typedef enum {
20 typedef enum {
27 struct uip_pbuf {
28  struct uip_pbuf *next;
29  void *payload;
34 };
36 void uip_pbuf_init();
38 u8_t uip_pbuf_free(struct uip_pbuf *p);
39 void uip_pbuf_realloc(struct uip_pbuf *p,u16_t new_len);
40 u8_t uip_pbuf_header(struct uip_pbuf *p,s16_t hdr_size_inc);
41 void uip_pbuf_cat(struct uip_pbuf *h,struct uip_pbuf *t);
42 u8_t uip_pbuf_clen(struct uip_pbuf *p);
43 void uip_pbuf_queue(struct uip_pbuf *p,struct uip_pbuf *n);
44 void uip_pbuf_ref(struct uip_pbuf *p);
45 void uip_pbuf_chain(struct uip_pbuf *h,struct uip_pbuf *t);
46 struct uip_pbuf* uip_pbuf_dequeue(struct uip_pbuf *p);
47 struct uip_pbuf* uip_pbuf_dechain(struct uip_pbuf *p);
49 #endif
GLenum GLuint GLint GLint layer
Definition: glext.h:7674
struct uip_pbuf * uip_pbuf_dequeue(struct uip_pbuf *p)
Definition: uip_pbuf.c:249
void uip_pbuf_chain(struct uip_pbuf *h, struct uip_pbuf *t)
Definition: uip_pbuf.c:266
u8_t uip_pbuf_header(struct uip_pbuf *p, s16_t hdr_size_inc)
Definition: uip_pbuf.c:183
GLdouble GLdouble t
Definition: glext.h:6398
u8_t uip_pbuf_free(struct uip_pbuf *p)
Definition: uip_pbuf.c:129
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:24
GLenum GLsizei len
Definition: glext.h:7389
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:20
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:27
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:23
u16_t tot_len
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:30
void uip_pbuf_init()
Definition: uip_pbuf.c:32
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:22
void uip_pbuf_cat(struct uip_pbuf *h, struct uip_pbuf *t)
Definition: uip_pbuf.c:226
struct uip_pbuf * next
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:28
void uip_pbuf_realloc(struct uip_pbuf *p, u16_t new_len)
Definition: uip_pbuf.c:156
void uip_pbuf_ref(struct uip_pbuf *p)
Definition: uip_pbuf.c:219
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:17
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:16
void * payload
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:29
void uip_pbuf_queue(struct uip_pbuf *p, struct uip_pbuf *n)
Definition: uip_pbuf.c:239
GLfloat GLfloat p
Definition: glext.h:9809
s16 s16_t
Definition: cc.h:46
u8 u8_t
Definition: cc.h:43
u8_t uip_pbuf_clen(struct uip_pbuf *p)
Definition: uip_pbuf.c:207
struct uip_pbuf * uip_pbuf_alloc(uip_pbuf_layer layer, u16_t len, uip_pbuf_flag flag)
Definition: uip_pbuf.c:38
u16_t len
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:31
u16_t flags
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:32
u16_t ref
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:33
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:15
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:13
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:14
GLfloat GLfloat GLfloat GLfloat h
Definition: glext.h:8390
struct uip_pbuf * uip_pbuf_dechain(struct uip_pbuf *p)
Definition: uip_pbuf.c:272
GLdouble n
Definition: glext.h:8396
Definition: uip_pbuf.h:21
u16 u16_t
Definition: cc.h:45