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1 #ifndef __CONSOLE_H__
2 #define __CONSOLE_H__
5 #define FONT_XSIZE 8
6 #define FONT_YSIZE 16
7 #define FONT_XFACTOR 1
8 #define FONT_YFACTOR 1
9 #define FONT_XGAP 0
10 #define FONT_YGAP 0
11 #define TAB_SIZE 4
13 typedef struct _console_data_s {
14  void *destbuffer;
15  unsigned char *font;
22  unsigned int foreground,background;
25 extern int __console_write(struct _reent *r,void *fd,const char *ptr,size_t len);
26 extern void __console_init(void *framebuffer,int xstart,int ystart,int xres,int yres,int stride);
28 //extern const devoptab_t dotab_stdout;
30 #endif
int saved_row
Definition: console.h:19
const GLvoid * ptr
Definition: nx_glsym.h:242
void __console_init(void *framebuffer, int xstart, int ystart, int xres, int yres, int stride)
Definition: console.c:253
GLdouble GLdouble GLdouble r
Definition: glext.h:6406
GLenum GLsizei len
Definition: glext.h:7389
int target_x
Definition: console.h:17
int tgt_stride
Definition: console.h:17
int con_xres
Definition: console.h:16
int __console_write(struct _reent *r, void *fd, const char *ptr, size_t len)
Definition: console.c:501
Definition: console.h:13
int cursor_row
Definition: console.h:18
int con_cols
Definition: console.h:20
int con_stride
Definition: console.h:16
int cursor_col
Definition: console.h:18
void * destbuffer
Definition: console.h:14
int saved_col
Definition: console.h:19
GLuint framebuffer
Definition: glext.h:7662
int con_yres
Definition: console.h:16
int con_rows
Definition: console.h:20
GLsizei stride
Definition: glext.h:6488
unsigned int background
Definition: console.h:22
unsigned char * font
Definition: console.h:15
unsigned int foreground
Definition: console.h:22
int target_y
Definition: console.h:17
struct _console_data_s console_data_s