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uip_arp_hdr Struct Reference

#include <uip_arp.h>

Public Member Functions

 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (struct uip_eth_hdr ethhdr)
 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (u16_t hwtype)
 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (u16_t protocol)
 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (u16_t _hwlen_protolen)
 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (u16_t opcode)
 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (struct uip_eth_addr shwaddr)
 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (struct uip_ip_addr2 sipaddr)
 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (struct uip_eth_addr dhwaddr)
 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (struct uip_ip_addr2 dipaddr)

Member Function Documentation


uip_arp_hdr::PACK_STRUCT_FIELD ( u16_t  protocol)


uip_arp_hdr::PACK_STRUCT_FIELD ( u16_t  _hwlen_protolen)


uip_arp_hdr::PACK_STRUCT_FIELD ( u16_t  opcode)


uip_arp_hdr::PACK_STRUCT_FIELD ( struct uip_eth_addr  dhwaddr)


uip_arp_hdr::PACK_STRUCT_FIELD ( struct uip_ip_addr2  dipaddr)

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